Bespoke Photography Singapore strives to translate your family’s story into meaningful photographs.

You might be learning how to care for and teach your young kids, and you want to capture these trying times in the natural setting of your own home. Or your children might have just graduated from university and you want to capture your family’s pride with everyone dressed smartly in a studio. Or perhaps you just want to capture a fun family day out at your favourite place outdoors – be it East Coast Park or the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Our team at Bespoke Photography Singapore will be more than glad to discuss the details of your family’s photoshoot with you, so as to best capture your unique and personal story in photographs.

When you choose Bespoke Photography, you choose to creatively and professionally capture the relationships between you and your one-year-old prince or princess, your energetic golden retriever and your impeccably dressed grandparents - all in the same photograph.


Family Photography
Kids Photography Singapore
Kids Photography Singapore


Our experienced team believes that the best family photographs are shot when everyone truly enjoys the experience. That is why we strive to create a joyful and comfortable photography experience for you and your family. It is up to you to decide if you would like to have all your family members smiling in a frame, or reserve a few shots of you with your beloved pets, or showcase the warmth of your kids’ relationship with their grandparents. It is up to us, Bespoke Photography, to capture the authenticity and emotions in each precious moment. We will angle your photoshoot to make the photo look natural.

You envision a huge black-and-white family photograph in your living room, almost looking like a piece of fine art. Or you picture a series of colourful and playful family photographs artfully decorating the walls of your cosy dining room. You will then keep the remaining  photographs in a dearly cherished album to be looked at one year, or even ten years from today.

One thing for sure is, you can be proud of these photographs taken by Bespoke Photography Singapore. High in quality and exquisitely framed, you will be glad that you have these timeless photographs to forever remember a special time in your family’s story.

Family Photoshoot in Singapore
Family Photography in Singapore


Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed

Usual Price: $230/hour
70 Quality Photos
2 Weeks Fast Delivery
Great Variety of Angles
Natural Editing
Usual Price: $180/hour
120 Quality Photos
2 Weeks Fast Delivery
Great Variety of Angles
Natural Editing
Usual Price: $150/hour
250 Quality Photos
3 Weeks Fast Delivery
Great Variety of Angles
Natural Editing


Frequently Asked Questions

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Hear From Our Clients & Their Experiences

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Ms Mabel, Blogger at Amazingly Still

"Had an outdoor family photoshoot with Bespoke Photography and the overall experience was pleasant and easy-going.

Our photographer led us from time to time, but also gave us the opportunity to explore our own ideas during the photoshoot. The photos turned out beautifully!"

Kids Photography Singapore

Mr Laiza Filart, Business Planning Director

"I got to know our photographer through the Bespoke Photography website. My family was here for the holiday season and wanted to do an outdoor shoot. Overall the experience was great. We were able to do various shots (my parents, my sister’s family, us siblings etc) and maximized the different spots in our condo.

What impressed me was how our photographer artistically captured the photos, using the greenery and sunlight to add “flavor” to the photos. I would definitely recommend them to my friends!"

Family Photography Singpaore

Ms Phoebe Lau, Blogger at BPDGTravels

"We had a 1 hour outdoor family photoshoot at Botanic Gardens and the experience has been pleasant and comfortable. Our designated photographer was accommodating and creative. The pictures turns out beautiful as well.

Communication with Bespoke is also seamless and responsive. 🙂 It has been pleasant from the first point of contact till the delivery of the pictures!"