Family Photoshoot Outfit Ideas!

What To Wear For Photography

What should you wear for your upcoming photoshoot? We take a quick look at how planning your outfits for your photoshoot can add that extra spark to the memories and photos captured!

You’ve got your family, couple or pet photography shoot booked, and everyone’s excited to look their best for the photographs that will be adorning your home – what next?

4 Photography Outfit Tips

Family Photography

1. Pick a colour scheme or style

Having everyone present dress in shades of the same colour would definitely add a touch of consistency in your photos. This helps gives the photos a visual focal point that draws your eye to the people featured, and is a simple way to elevate the photographs.

Do bear in mind that this does not mean that you have to be in exactly the same outfits – having a common or complementary colour scheme is key, you want to complement each other instead of replicating the same outfit.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend leaning slightly towards a neutral palette with nothing too bright or neon. If there is a specific theme that you’d like to showcase, this could also work well!

2. Complement the photoshoot location

After you’ve discussed and picked a suitable location where your shoot will be taking place, you’ll want to think about the sort of backdrops that will be in your photoshoot.

Pet Photography

Selecting outfits and colours that would complement the location is key. One great example is if your shoot is going to be taking place in a park, there will be lots of greenery around – avoiding shades of green will help you stand out and be the focus of the photos. Complementary colours such as yellow, blue or even pink and red are some great choices.

3. Avoid loud patterns, slogans or logos

To create photographs that are timeless and classic, staying away from dramatic patterns (such as stripes or polka dots), slogans or brand logos on your clothes are key.

Patterns tend to take attention away from the focus of these photographs – you. We want the focus to be on you, and your loved ones!

Family at Bedok Reservoir

4. Consider the needs of those in the shoot

For shoots that involve little ones or pets, it is important to keep in mind what would work best for them. Keeping your little ones comfortable would help bring out their smiles!

Pet Photoshoot

For your furkids during pet photography shoots, it is vital to avoid wearing colours that their fur would blend into so that they stand out during the shoot. Planning a grooming session just before a photoshoot may also be something to keep in mind.

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Planning your outfits ahead of the shoot is an important part of preparing for your shoot.

This gives you the opportunity to think about the look and feel you’d like the photographs to exude and aids in capturing timeless memories that you’ll look back fondly on in years to come.

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