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Bespoke event videographer specialises in corporate events, product launches, parties and celebrations. We'll capture the movement, sound and energy. Great videography is not just about great moving visuals, but also great audio and editing.

We understand how important your event is. We'll find out the flow of your event and what you want us to focus on. If there's a style of videography you like, let us know. If not, enjoy your special event & leave the event videography work to us.

For larger scale projects, check our Bespoke corporate video production in Singapore.

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Why Bespoke Event Videographers?

Bespoke videographers care.  We'll familiarise ourselves with your event’s itinerary and location. If your company requires photography, we cover event photography in Singapore too.

Getting our hands on the day’s itinerary helps Bespoke videographers know of the key moments and highlights of the day – such as when the nervous groom arrives, or when the beautiful bride enters, or when the birthday star steps into the room, or when the star product is launched, or when the ribbon is cut, or when the guest-of-honour arrives, etc – so that we are always at the right place before the right time. We don’t ever want to miss out on any important moments!

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Event Videography Sound & Visual

Did you know that it is important to balance audio & visual aesthetics in interviews or speeches? We want to avoid flat, one-dimensional visuals even as we capture good quality sounds. Sometimes, capturing the action going on in the background compromises on audio quality of the interview.

It is important that we identify your needs. For instance, it will help us to know the purpose of your event and the video you want to create, the moments you wish to preserve, and if you’re hosting a corporate event, the marketing objective to your event and the final video.

Event Videographer Rates Singapore

100% enjoyable experience guaranteed!

Min. 2 Hours

$350 per hour
  • 2-3min Highlights Video
  • 5-7 Days Fast Delivery
  • High Quality 1080
  • Royalty Free Music
  • 2x Complimentary Revisions

Event Videography Reviews

corporate brand

"I chanced upon Bespoke while searching for a reputable videography company in Singapore for our event, SMU Animal Day 2018. It was an amazing experience working with Bespoke with their friendly and supportive team.

The videos turned out amazing and it truly captured the energy of the event. I would definitely engage Bespoke again and recommend it to my friends. A big thank you to the amazing team!"

~ Ms Ruby, SMU Events Director PAW

Oliver wight

"I found Bespoke online when looking for a company to capture images of an education workshop that we were running in Singapore. We wanted photos to use in our future marketing materials.

Despite connecting only 48 hours before the event and having to communicate with me in Sydney, Australia the Bespoke team delivered for us, capturing some great footage.

I recommend these guys if you need a videographer for your next event."

~ Stuart Harman, Partner, Oliver Wight Asia Pacific

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*Limited dates left for the month


Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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