5 Powerful Tips On Posing For Photoshoots!

How To Pose For Pictures?

Here are five quick photography posing tips from our professional photographers for people who want to make themselves look great in front of the camera.

5 Posing Tips

How to Pose

For Tips 1 & 2

1. Chin Out & Lowered

A great way to thin one's face would be to stick your chin just a little bit out and lower it. This has an effect of removing any double chin, if any, and at the same time, elongating the face. Without using photoshop or Meitu, you have effectively slimmed your face.

Disclaimer: You can actually go overboard with the sticking out of your face (Turtling), so do try and make it subtle! A little practice with a mirror a a few selfies will get you used to how much to move your chin.

2. Watch Your Hands

Avoid crow hands and wrists joints placed in an unnatural position. Your hands have to be at slight bend and most importantly, keep your fingers together! Refer to the image above.

How to pose

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3. Side Poses

Unless you are replicating a fashion pose or very slim, try to avoid facing the camera full on with your body or your face. Always turn your body or face slightly away from the camera (35 degrees to 45 degrees) away from the sun if you are using natural light or indoors strobe light

Naturally, everybody has a side of your face that looks better. So try to take photos from that side. If you are not sure which side looks better, it's usually on the side where you part your hair. If you still not sure, do experiment with taking both sides of your face and compare. You can ask for the photographer's advice if you have one.

4. Legs Weight Placement

The weight distribution of your legs is more or less 30% front leg, 70% back leg. Quick tip; whatever is closer to the camera lens will appear larger, and whatever is further away from the camera will appear smaller.

Couple this with placing the feet one in front of the other, which I believe, the majority of you already know this, will further create a slimming down effect of your body.

5. Sitting Poses

If you are sitting down, try to avoid sitting all the way back. Sitting close to the edge of the seat would greatly help you in your posture by unconsciously straightening your back and preventing slouching at the first place.

How to pose

For Tip 5

Advise From A Professional Photographer

Of course there are more than 5 ways to make your poses in the camera look better. But these 5 ways are the easiest to remember for non-photographers and if done properly, will impact your photos the most.

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Proper Photography Techniques Applies

Whenever there's a photo session with clients (whether indoor studio or outdoors), there are many points that the photographer has to take note of throughout the session.

Standard rules like lighting, proper framing and composition are expected and because you are adding the human element in the photos, the photographer is also expected to know how to pose people to the best of his ability.

Knowing these pointers helps in making sure you would look the best of the camera. This also helps with the retouching of the photos when the session is done (less retouching work means you get your photos that much faster!)

Like Such Content?

Practice these 5 simple but power posing tips and you will see a significant improvement in your photos. The next article you may be interested is what to wear for photoshoot.