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At Bespoke Photography, we care. We care about capturing your stories and translating them into meaningful photographs. We understand the importance of capturing those cherished moments, the beautiful moments that deserve to be treated with love and preserved for a lifetime.

The Bespoke team knows that everyone is different and every occasion unique. No occasion is too small for us to capture because we believe that good, quality photography makes all the difference. That’s right, our team of vibrant, caring, and professional photographers desires to make that difference for you.

Simply doing the job is not enough for us, capturing these moments for you is a vocation of love for us. We seek through and through to compliment your experiences and your short lived yet cherished moments from start to finish. We aspire to bring great depth of meaning, romance, excitement, and human emotion to every narrative.

babies photography singapore 1
babies photography singapore 1


Meet Bespoke Photography Singapore, a family of keen-eyed and experienced photographers devoted to capturing beautiful visuals and immortalising your heartfelt moments.

Youthful, energetic and boasting a cultivated eye, Bespoke Photography Singapore aspires to breathe new life and attitude into the current photography scene. For any significant event in your life, it is our hope for you and your loved ones to simply relish the moment - and leave the rest to us. Our selection of specialised photographers, ranging from newborn photography to event photography, strive to photograph your treasured and fleeting moments, while you delight in your momentous day or milestone achieved.

Express yourself. Eternalise moments. Photograph the exquisite. Your go-to photographers.



We aim to help you understand that while it is easy to whip out a mobile phone to take photographs, the exact lighting, the specific angle, the depth of field and the ability to bring out emotions in one picture, are challenging issues that even the best photographers face at times. Hence, our professional photographers recognise that sometimes, all you need is someone to understand the type of photographic angle that you are gearing for, for that perfect shot to be taken.

We are here to offer our services to help you get that picture-perfect moment that you desire.  With our extensive experience in capturing photographs, we assure you that we would be able to provide a seamless experience for you right from the start. With an eye for detail, our photographers will be there with you every step of the way, turning your concerns into theirs. We ensure that you will only receive the best pictures that you rightly deserve, with the right amount of meticulousness that will not only bring out, but also highlight the best in each photograph.

babies photography singapore 1
newborn photography singapore 1
bespoke newborn photography
babies photography singapore 1


Ouch! Too bright! - Ever heard of this? Lighting in photography is key.

Do you know that the variation of light and its intensity make a big difference to how your photographs turn out? Would you like to know how to take good photos? Our photographers make sure that when we shoot people outdoors, we use two flashes to avoid harsh shadows. The built in flash on most camera is not very powerful, hence a secondary flash with a head is often used so that an angle can be selected to showcase the most natural effects.

Our photographers tend to use the stronger flash at an angle that keeps the image looking more like natural light (without blocking away the subject). Since this light is higher and at an angle, we avoid making any additional shadows, thus making your pictures come out highlighting and accentuating the strengths. Of course each outing will require our team to adjust and tailor accordingly to what Mother Nature blesses us with, so every shoot is a brand new adventure!

Where do we place the negative space in the photograph? 

Very often, people concentrate on the largest object in the photograph and think of it as the main focus. However, that can be a problem because they ignore the negative spaces that surround the main objects. Negative spaces are anything that is not a part of the subject. One way of using negative spaces to make your photo look more pleasing to the eye is to follow the rule of thirds.

Our photographers recognise that there is a need to consider the negative space in all images, and consider them as supporting cast. It is only when the supporting cast work alongside the main objects that the picture appears wholesome and memorable. If the negative spaces do not add to or support the main subject, we aim to get rid of them so that no distraction is caused and attention is not lost on the photographs.  


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