Family Studio Photoshoot Singapore

Family photo studio is where magic happens! Each family is a story, and within stories chapters exist. These help us understand better the whole course or timeline of the story.

Celebrate your family milestones with a family photoshoot - birthdays, graduations, promotions, grants, you name it.

The story that touched us the most was from a young lady that beaten up cancer that wanted to have a portrait of herself after getting the medical notice. We are still unable to express how much this session moved us, and the reasons for having a studio portrait are virtually endless if you consider every single human being in the world.

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Family Portraits

Classic Family Portraits is timeless!
- Choose the colour of your backdrop
- Take with some props

Family photos provide a visual asset of cherished moments that for some meaningful reason they need to be recorded.

For us the whole value of making a family portrait session is not entirely in the photographs that we deliver after the shot. For us the value is in making people feel like they are actually doing something significant with their loved ones.

The photograph will be a precious thing to hold of course, but enabling people to see the value of being a family is our main goal.

We have worked with many families, some very special cases have included not two or three but four generations in a single shot! It is amazing to see the whole family group getting along and simply being themselves. For that of course we need to know a little bit about the family, we don't like to shoot right away. That simply goes wrong with our vision of the world.

Honestly, making family portraits have make us more aware of the value family has. For every single family it is obvious that they are important for each other, but we have seen so many beautiful families since we started this beautiful journey, therefore something must have changed in our way of seeing life.

Children Portraits

Request for solo shots of your child/children when you visit us. We can definitely do that! These photos will be special, when you see the end product.

Children nowadays have countless photographs, so how could we compete with the everyday photographs parents take of them? Simple, we don't.

We aren't here to compete with your way of capturing the meaningful moments that happen on an everyday basis on your child's life. What we offer is simple yet beautiful photographs that aim to capture the infant essence in them.

Soft and soothing light sources and beautiful backdrops can’t compete with casual photographs. What we offer goes beyond the everyday, our goal is to deliver an aesthetic pin point in the life history of your children, simple as that. We have recreated old photos from past generations, we have developed creative concepts with parents, and we also have created stories that go along with things children love. These are the most unique experiences ever, especially with kids with a huge passion towards a specific discipline, hobby or even fictional characters.

There are certain features that only an objective eye can perceive, and beyond posed portraits, we find that natural gestures are among the best to capture with our cameras. The best shots always happen in the most unexpected moments during the session, therefore we can't allow ourselves to miss any of them.


Instead of your classic family photo shoot, why not try our seasonal themed photo shoot for your family.

We are always looking for new and unique themed shoots for different occasions: Mother's day, christmas, chinese new year and more!


We deliver our photographs in various formats, but we love crafting photo books. Printed photographs provide an unmatchable identity experience, and the satisfaction on the face of our beloved clients is totally priceless. Honestly, we are simple yet solid defenders of the family album. With the ability of creating photographs in no time, the sense of meaningfulness should be re-designed.

For us every occasion that tickles the need of preserving a great memory is a high candidate for a carefully crafted photograph. There are no meaningless occasions, they are just all different, and there aren't too small occasions for this. Contact us so we can capture the best moments of your family together.

Family Photo Studio Package

Affordable family photography

Session Only

Basic Package

  • 1 hour guided session
  • Up to 4 pax free
  • Weekend charges apply

Deluxe Package

  • 1 hour guided session
  • 3 full retouched + prints
  • Up to 5 pax free
  • All digital photos (worth $1200)
  • Weekend charges apply

Premium Package

  • 2 hour guided session
  • 5 full retouched
  • Up to 12 pax free
  • 5 premium prints
  • All digital photos (worth $1200)
  • 1 A1 Canvas (worth $600)
  • Weekend charges apply


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