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Freelance photographer at Bespoke Photography can turn that frown upside down with beautiful photographs taken. We have freelance videographer in Singapore to cover your events too, should you require any.

These days, everyone is a photographer. Whip out that mobile phone or tablet and snap! You’ve got a photograph and you’re a photographer. But… these images are often flat, awkwardly framed, under or overexposed. That’s why for all our special days and events, hiring professional, freelance photographers is so crucial. We all want to look fetching, dashing and perfect, don’t we? Professional freelance photography is the answer.

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Bespoke’s freelance photographers never wing it. With passion and commitment, we see every job through no matter the hours invested. Simply because we care about you, and we care about photography.

Furthermore, our freelance photographers have access to premium editing software to touch up your photos. That’s a sure guarantee to enchanting, praiseworthy shots to keep a lifetime.


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Freelance Event Photographer

If you are looking for a freelance event photographer, you found one.  Over the years, we have shot for big brands like Grab, Shopee, government agencies, schools and more. If you have an event coming up, hit us up and we will guide you to get your event fully documented.

Freelance Food Photographer

Bespoke food photographer in Singapore boast the technical expertise that you can rely on. We have mastered lighting techniques, especially in poorly lit environments. We have an extensive range of equipment and with proper food styling, the dish can enhance a particular mood and evoke a particular emotion.

Freelance Product Photographer

At all product photography session, we are always prepared, always anticipating different perspectives, playing with different angles, having fun with different settings and different lenses to gift you your perfect shot for your catalog or ecommerce store.

Behind The Scenes As A Freelancer

Perfecting the Craft

Having spent years studying, training, learning and growing as a photographer, Bespoke’s freelance photographers have a keen understanding of aesthetics. The right backdrop? Check. The right photography angle? Check. The right pose? Not to worry, our freelance photographers can work magic and turn even the most unnatural, awkward poses into natural ones.

Think of us freelance photographers as new age artists, creating art with our cameras as paintbrushes. Can you just imagine a photographer fumbling with the camera settings and telling you to “hold”? That’s not us, Bespoke freelance photographers! Important moments get missed out like that.


We Do More For You

Let us give you a peek into what we do for each photoshoot. Let’s say we have a two-hour birthday photoshoot. Bespoke freelance photographers will have to prepare for the shoot by understanding the client and being familiar with the day’s schedule and key moments or highlights, and maybe even draw up some mood boards as preparatory work; travel to the venue (to and fro takes about one hour, minimally); shoot for two hours; backup and transfer files onto other devices and computer (30-45mins); finally, edit the photos, which approximately takes 3 to 5 hours for 150 to 200 shots.

That’s equivalent to about 8 hours of work for a two-hour photoshoot! As you can see, it’s not as simple as it looks — but we aren’t complaining. We love it. We care about you, and want you to take home beautiful images of whatever moment it is that you wish to eternalise.

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Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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