Graduation Studio Photoshoot

Graduation photo studio shoots are a great way to capture this milestone of you and your family's life. Every new stages that come after graduations are exciting, but you will at some point try to return to the great years of school or college. Until this very specific day, photography is the best way we can truly travel to the past.

Having a professional photographer dealing with the photos after your graduation is the best thing you can do in order to detach from the pressure of documenting yourself. We all need to detach from the camera sometimes, so others can help us into remembering the best moments of our lives.

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Graduation Portrait Studio

Remember to think about your family and friends as well, they experience your milestones in a profound way too. Include them in your photo sessions and make them part of your story. Arrange things with time so nobody is left behind.

There isn't anything more beautiful than a traditional and perfectly lit graduation portrait on the controlled ambient of a studio.

It is a family's pride to see their beloved member of their group achieving something as significant as a graduation, therefore it might be worth doing it for the satisfaction of our own beloved ones, the ones that supported us along the whole journey.

Ask them for ideas too, you'll never know where a great and creative idea might come from, and it will make the whole graduation moment even more significant to everyone one around you.

What to Expect After the Studio Shoot

After selecting the best of the best photographs from a photo-shoot, a digital stage comes into play. Every photograph goes into a digital development process, but this is different from a heavy digital retouching job.

We love natural feeling, and our lighting set-up help us into pulling out the best looks of a person, but if you end up wanting a specific digital retouch, then we can arrange it for you. the great thing about professional equipment is that it makes it easier for us to capture beauty without odd skin tones or skin reflections that make photos look odd and unpleasant.


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Outdoor Graduation Photography

Studios make it perfect for traditional photographs, but outdoors graduation photography open up the possibilities of having backgrounds that are also meaningful for a person.

Certain places are strong and deep symbols that have a huge impact on the way someone can relate to these particular set of achievements. Botanic gardens, places near the bay and even the academic institutions are important settings that deserve a role in a nice graduation photograph.

If you want a specific location for your graduation photo-shoot, make sure to have all the required permissions for photography to take place. It is possible to shoot at your preferred location as long as the required permissions have been granted.

That is the best thing you can do if you want to tell a story through your graduation photographs. There is nothing wrong with the traditional graduation photographs of course, actually we love them because we are 100% in control of everything, making every single session as perfect as they can be.

Another important thing to do is to research for "looks and feels" so we can truly fulfil your expectations. We can craft a singular concept together, and there is no better satisfaction for us as photographers to be part of your own history rather than mere recorders of it.

Graduation Studio Photoshoot Price

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Basic Package

  • 1 hour guided session
  • Up to 4 pax free
  • Weekend charges apply

Deluxe Package

  • 1 hour guided session
  • 3 full retouched + prints
  • Up to 5 pax free
  • All digital photos (worth $1200)
  • Weekend charges apply

Premium Package

  • 2 hour guided session
  • 5 full retouched
  • Up to 12 pax free
  • 5 premium prints
  • All digital photos (worth $1200)
  • 1 A1 Canvas (worth $600)
  • Weekend charges apply

Graduation Photo Studio Reviews

Hear From Our Satisfied Graduates

Graduation Photoshoot

"I knew Bespoke Photography from a website. I did graduation and a family photo shoot. I want to do this shoot because I want to have a proper family photo for my graduation. It was excellent, and I like the picture. I would recommend this shoot of course."  ~ Dessy, Fresh Graduate

Graduation Photography

"I knew Bespoke Photography through my colleague. He overheard my conversation of looking for a professional photographer for my graduation, hence he recommended me Bespoke.

It's my first graduation of my life and I would like to capture those precious moments together with my family. Overall was hassle-free. Our photographer was very cooperative throughout the photoshoot!

Will highly recommend to anyone looking for professional photography! No doubt about it." ~ Roland, Network Security Engineer


Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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