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Congratulations! Yes we do top-quality wedding photoshoot here in Singapore. Weddings are undoubtedly complex events, and they require all of the effort you can muster in order to turn out exactly as they have been planned. Whether you are organising your wedding all by yourself or you have decided to hire a wedding planner, you are definitely eager to invest your time in organising the event so that it is flawless.

Many things are needed in order to make your wedding an unforgettable event. In addition to those beautiful custom invitations and spectacular flower bouquets you have decided to buy, you need to search for one more thing - bespoke photography services in Singapore.

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Smiling Chinese Bride

Both of you love each other and trust of each other and are ready to take your relationship to the next level. To put things into writing and become Mr and Mrs. Our favourite moment in the Solemnisation is to capture the expressions of nerves just before the signing and the jubilant bright smiles of the couple and family just after signing the marriage certificate

Pre Wedding Shoot

A Pre Wedding Photoshoot is taken a few months prior to your big day. This is where you celebrate your love at scenic locations around Singapore or places both of you hold close to your hearts.

You can be in a white gown and suit or in your traditional cultural attires, all you have to do is leave the photography and guiding to us and remember it's about the two of you.

Church Wedding Photography

As an experienced team of photographers based in Singapore, we strive to capture the best photos in a timely manner. Our timing is perfect and we never miss a unique moment. We have an exceptional sense of timing so that we can accurately capture beautiful real life moments with you, your family and your guests.

For example, we can easily capture laughter and amusing scenes that are “invisible” to the inexperienced photographers. We can also capture romantic moments or emotional scenes that have a powerful impact on the guests. At Bespoke Photography Singapore we love shooting the visible emotions and capturing your experience as a newlywed couple.

Highly Experienced Wedding Photographers

Our experience with the equipment and our professionalism is combined with our ability to capture intimacy and natural joy in an unobtrusive manner, which is then turned into beautiful images that reflect our contemporary and evocative style.

You can now get the wedding you’ve always dreamed of having by hiring the best in photography. A good photograph captured by one of our experienced photographers is able to communicate facts, touch hearts and leave the viewer a completely changed person. If you want to make your wedding stand out of the crowd you need to capitalize on the benefits offered by an expert photographer in Singapore - Bespoke Photography Singapore.

Professional Equipment & Backups

We use only high-tech photography equipment. Our experienced and professional photographers know how to capitalise on all the features of the camera in order to capture the best moments of your wedding. We also have backup equipment in case a failure occurs. Ranging from extra batteries to camera stands and other cameras, as experts we are always in control and can tackle any unexpected situation.

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Pre wedding photography

"Our photographer has a keen eye for beauty and great attention to detail. We absolutely love the shots he took of us!

He's super meticulous and sweet - many times he went out of his comfort zone, bending down low and all, just to secure that beautiful photo for us. When we felt awkward, he even made us laugh!

At the end of our shoot, his T-shirt was so soaked. We, on the other hand, were feeling cool. 100/100!"

~ Nicholas & Carolanne

Wedding Photography Singapore

"If you want photos, get a photographer: if you want memories, get our photographer. We had our photographer capture our gatecrash, wedding ceremony and banquet. Each picture tells a fond story of our special day.

Our photographer was so comfortable with us and our guests, by the end of the day, he knew our families and close friends. The results of this familiarity are photographs are naturally beautiful, not of contrived smiles and forced embraces.

Thank you, our photographer, for being a part of our memories."

~ James & Andrea


Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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