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Bespoke videographers specialise in corporate videography and event videography in SingaporeThese shoots include interviews, speeches, walk through, event highlights, corporate story and commercial & advertising videos.

A great video goes beyond just shooting, it includes getting to know you, brainstorming & conceptualising ideas, professional editing, colour grading and selecting the correct music.

Tell us what you are looking for and together, let's work together to elevate your company's brand and value add your loyal audience.

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Videography is also about style and having a perspective. Our videographers are never stationary — we move around often, but stable with a tripod or a gimbal, ever ready to capture the perfect moment at the perfect time. We want to record fleeting, often unnoticed yet no less significant emotions and moments. We want to capture your unique charm. We also want to be real and move your audiences.

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Why Bespoke Videographers

At Bespoke Videography, we care. It’s really never simply just about taking a camera and recording the activities that take place. Every event is special, and we want to reflect your idiosyncrasies as best as we can, and hopefully, in a cinematic way that you like.

We handle not only the role of cameraman, but also director and cinematographer. Think not just recording the day, but also clever choice of lens, artistic camera angling, careful lighting, a winning composition. In fact, the right lens can make audience feel as though they were right there at the event.

What We Consider for Your Shoot

We think about good light, good music, good angles.

Often, as we video the event and move around the venue, we play around with angles, filming either a close-up or a wide shot to gain different perspectives unique to each couple, each family, each celebration, each event. Sometimes, shooting indoors may pose some problems — poor lighting is a common example, which would in turn affect the quality of videos. However, Bespoke videographers embrace these challenges. For instance, we might use darkness to our advantage to create a sense of mystery or mood that is congruent with your event or personality.

Choice of music is equally crucial, as the ideal marriage of audio and visual can evoke in us the appropriate emotions. We will consider all the tiny details, while occasionally overlaying motion pictures with photoshoots masterfully to gift you your very own Bespoke video story.

What to Expect

We will get to know you and discuss what your plans are and make recommendations on how we can bring your vision to life. While we may have our own professional and creative take on videography, we also respect that some of you may have a clear vision of what you want. Let us know and we will deliver.

Through interacting with you and getting to know you and your event, we are confident of ascertaining the highlight of the event and what’s dear to you. This is crucial, as it helps us construct a compelling story in our visuals during the editing phase.

Rest assure, our experience in the field has taught us how to avert disasters arising from human or technological failure, e.g. showing up late or memory card failure. Our videographers put your needs above ours and take extra precautions, such as performing triple back-ups post-event and arriving early.

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