Casual Couple Photoshoot

Couple photoshoots are great to celebrate you month-saries or anniversaries, or simply when you just want to capture your intimate moments, and have your love affair immortalised in photographs.

There is always a story behind each photograph, and for every couple, a unique love story to be told. Couple photography is a fresh photography genre that is gaining traction in Singapore.

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Couple Photoshoot Portfolio

Perfect For Anniversary & Month-sary

Capture Your Unique Love Story

We endeavour to take striking visuals of you, the couple of lovebirds, in high quality. More importantly, however, we want to help you to showcase your unique love story.

We wish for our couple photography to be the perfect gift for you and your beloved partner - that not only will it to be social media worthy, but it will also be a precious keepsake for years to come.


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Bespoke Couple Photography Experience

Are you possibly camera-shy or worried that the photographs taken might seem staged?

Fret not - trust in the power and magic of love! When the two of you just look into each other's eyes, that's when magical sparks fly, and everything will be all natural.

Furthermore, we are meticulous, friendly and will ensure the intimate moments between you and your partner are artfully and unpretentiously captured - because, just like you, we want you to look your very best.

Bespoke Photography photographers will conduct a detailed reconnaisance of the photoshoot location prior to it, so as to familiarise themselves with the place and take note of key spots that could be picture-perfect for you.

We will provide advice and pointers, should you and your partner need. If you have a preferred angle, don’t hesitate to let our photographers know too.

Many couples then come back to have their ROM (Registry of Marriage) photoshoot with us and we find it lovely as we are able to walk with them through the journey as a couple.

Couple Photoshoot Price

Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed

1 Hour

$300 per hour
  • 50 Quality Photos
  • 2 Weeks Fast Delivery
  • Great Variety of Angles
  • Natural, True to Life Editing

2 Hours & Up

$250 per hour
  • 100 Quality Photos
  • 2 Weeks Fast Delivery
  • Great Variety of Angles
  • Natural, True to Life Editing


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Beautiful Photoshoot Location

Have a particular location that is close to both of your hearts? Could it possibly be where you shared your first kiss or experienced the first romantic spark? Tell us about it and we will be there.

It is really all up to the two of you how you want to paint your love story. Aside from those special spots that you hold dear to your hearts, should you prefer something different or out of the ordinary, we too have a handful of fine recommendations of places to take photos in Singapore for you.

Here are a few suggestions; Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens. We are always flexible and will tailor to suit any of your requests and preferences. You can also have a casual couple shoot just because.

Couple Photoshoot Reviews

Hear From These Lovely Couples

Couple Photography

"I was searching for professional photography services to capture my time together with my fiance whom I rarely get to spend time with since both of us are working on shifts. I decided to set up a picnic for our anniversary celebration. Our photographer was very accommodating and comfortable to work with.

As my fiance and I have not any photoshoot experience prior to this, he guided us through the different poses. The shots turned out lovely. And we were so excited to share them with our families. Truly an awesome photoshoot experience, which I would recommend to our families and friends!

Looking forward to working with Bespoke photography again!"

~ Zlyka, Radiographer

Couple Photography

"Our shooting site was at botanical garden. We only had 30 mins to shoot as it started to pour after. And given the time, I would say, our photographer really had lots of beautiful pictures taken.

The overall experience was good. Having a photographer who is very patient and fun to be with. Shooting was always full of laughter with him."

~ Stuart & Shivon

Outdoor Couple Photography

"I wanted to have some quality pictures taken with my boyfriend as memories before leaving Singapore to study in Australia. The shoot was not just any shoot. It was a really enjoyable and memorable one. It was little hassle for us and a very efficient shoot.

To get the best shots, he would go the extra length. This included getting his clothes wet because it was raining the day we shot and he got on the floor just to get the best shots for us.

I look forward to having him take my wedding pictures in the future and would most definitely recommend his services to my friends, relatives and just about anyone!"

~ Ryan & Deryl

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Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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