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Newborn photography is one of the most important shoots after taking your maternity photoshoot. Big changes happen everyday. Today your baby will look vastly different from yesterday.

After your baby is born, things will get busy -- day and night feeds, diaper changes, burping, vaccinations, etc. During this period, they grow up really quickly. One thing you definitely won't want to miss is having their baby photos taken professionally.

You might be a little concerned if you've the energy to bring your baby down for the shoot, or if your child will cooperate, or if the photographer is good. We understand.

Our newborn photography team is highly experienced when it comes to handling newborns. With more than 15 years of experience, we have handled babies with different needs. Additionally, our head photographer is not only an award-winning photographer, but she is also a mother of two.

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Best time to shoot: Under 14 days old

Newborn photoshoots are best done in the first five to fourteen days of your newborn's arrival, as they sleep all the time and move very little so it's prime time then to get the best shots.

Our usual practice is to schedule the shoot one week after your EDD (estimated due date). Book your shoot early and just let us know when you have given birth. We can adjust the date of photoshoot accordingly.

Fully Guided Baby Shoot

Not only are our newborn photographers well aware of how to pose, soothe and coax newborns, but they are also adept at using natural light and positioning infants in masterful ways to accentuate and capture their ethereal beauty.

At our studio, tall windows line the perimeter and provide beautiful natural lighting. Our studio is also stocked with props, some of which are seasonal, to give newborn photographs that extra touch of love. There are also many bundle wrappings available.

Capturing newborns in their most natural state is no mean feat. Of utmost importance to us is making sure your baby is comfortable and well taken care of as he or she is being photographed.

Basic Package

  • Up to 1 hour
  • 2 premium sets
  • 2 full retouched images
  • Weekend charges apply
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Deluxe Package

  • Up to 2 hour
  • 3 premium sets
  • 15 full retouched images (worth $800)
  • Parents & siblings included
  • Weekend charges apply

Premium Package

  • Up to 2 hour
  • Unlimited sets
  • 20 full retouched images (worth $1000)
  • 1 premium newborn photobook (worth $700)
  • All digital photos (worth $1200)
  • No weekend charges


Newborn Photography Reviews

Hear From Our Happy Parents

Newborn photography

"Did a newborn photoshoot with Bespoke Photograhy. The photographers were very patient and caring towards the well being and comfort of our baby girl, Therese. Highly recommended as the overall process was very enjoyable and my wife, baby and I had a great time at the studio. Thank you Bespoke Photography for taking our newborn shots "

~ Wayne, Parent of newborn Therese

Young Asian Family

"I chose the Newborn Premium Package. It's my first baby and I wanted to capture my baby boy, Isaiah. The whole photoshoot process was smooth and seeing how our photographer handled our baby so well, we were at ease. They were gentle and very experienced in handling newborns.

The photos turned out so good! I am so glad I did this newborn shoot and would strongly recommend Bespoke Photography."

~ Nicholas, Parent of newborn Isaiah

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Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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