Outdoor Family Photoshoot Locations Singapore

Top 10 Outdoor Photoshoot Locations!

Outdoor photoshoots locations in Singapore are accessible. Whether you drive or take the public transport, a beautiful outdoor location is readily available.

We know it's not easy to decide on one place, but not to worry, we've put together our 10 best photo-worthy locations for you to choose from. This places are great for outdoor family photoshoot, ROM photoshoot and pet photoshoot.

1. Gardens By The Bay Photoshoot

Location: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Gardens By The Bay Family Photoshoot
Family Photoshoot at GBTB

Let's start with the obvious place, no other landmark is more iconic than our urban jewel. Here you'll find the massive Supertree Grove, which are in our own words, minimal representations of the most striking trees humans could imagine. These were actually designed to hold life, and they have various heights, just like regular trees would. They vary in size from 25 to some unbelievable 50 meters high! What we love most of these structures is that they look equally beautiful in both day and night. So don't worry about harsh sunny hours.

Gardens By The Bay is huge. It is a nature park about 100 hectares and there are attractions for the whole family. Feel free to wander around the gardens and explore. The whole place is filled with scenic spots to take beautiful photos and memories.

View our work: Outdoor family photoshoot at Gardens by the Bay

2. Botanic Gardens Photoshoot

Locations: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

ROM Photography - Ian 15
ROM Photography - Ian 22

This ancient garden was created in the mid nineteenth century, and is the only tropical garden to be considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here you'll be able to connect with the deep rainforest in a safe way. And photographer's, you'll love this, it opens at 5am in the morning every day, so you'll be able to get that nice light you are always pursuing. Also, you'll find the place to be very less crowded at this time of the day.

Singapore Botanic Gardens has so much to offer and so many little hidden attractions that will keep you coming back for more!

The best way to explore the gardens would be to choose a few gardens & attractions at botanic gardens you want to visit and take a slow stroll to enjoy the nature and the heritage.

View our work: ROM photoshoot at Botanic Gardens

3. Hort Park Photoshoot

Location: 33 Hyderabad Rd, Singapore 119578

Corgi Outdoor Shoot
Corgi Photoshoot

This is one of our ultimate favourite places in Singapore, especially for those with various expectations and little time. Hort Park is unique, very clean and with 21 themed small parks that will hardly be covered in a single session. It also has a butterfly garden, which is a quite magical experience if you ask us. Its 9 hectares of bright gardens will hardly disappoint you! After the photography session you can always walk in it, and is a perfect way to connect with Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park.

There are many themed gardens in Hort Park, huge open field as well for great photos! Find out what is available at Hort Park.

Once you've explored Hort Park, you can wander to the Southern Ridges nearby and it will lead you on a nature tree top trail that extends all the way to Mount Faber and beyond. It's an amazing walk to get away from the bustle of city life.

Hort Park also hosts a Gardener's Day Out every third Saturday of the month.

4. Marina Bay Sands Photoshoot

Location: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Graduation Photoshoot - GBTB 4
Graduation Photoshoot - GBTB 9

Not just another sandy experience, this is a place filled with luxury, perfect for family documentary photographs, quite a new genre that we are exploring right now. This takes the whole portraiture experience to another level, depicting your family as it enjoys the nice pleasures of life.

Marina Bay Sands, other than just being a hotel that looks like a ship in the sky, there are quite a few things to explore within.

The Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, take in the amazing panoramic view or the city skyline and the heartlands. Have a bird eye view of Gardens By The Bay. (Fees apply if you aren't a hotel guest)

Spectra, A light and water show that is on every night 8pm and 9pm at the Event Plaza.

The view ad walk around the Marina Bay area I feel is an attraction by itself and where many of our clients like to have their photos taken.

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5. Sentosa Photoshoot

Location: Sentosa

Family Photoshoot - Sentosa 3
Family Photoshoot - Sentosa 4

Sentosa isn't a place where you can explore in a few days. There are just so many things to do here with your whole family. Check out the list of attractions in Sentosa

For our clients' photoshoots, we enjoy bringing them to the beaches in Sentosa, for the clean sand and the smaller crowd on the beach.

This place may be a little bit less green, but it's fun. Beyond the overwhelming amounts of life sprouting here, sandy beaches offer a magnificent place for family photography sessions, especially when the sun is about to fade away.

In photography we call this beautiful moment the "golden hour", and trust us, it doesn't span a whole hour, so be sure to hire a skilled photographer for this.

6. Helix Bridge Photoshoot

Location: Downtown Core

Helix Bridge
MBS Cityscape

When this place opened in 2010 people went crazy about it, it was an absolute madness! Nowadays is still a very popular place, but it is easier to achieve nice looking family photographs here. This is an option for those who want to have something completely extraordinary of course due to its highly modern design and concept. It also has viewing platforms strategically scattered around it so you can take a better look of the city's scape. The mind-blowing experience is during the darkest hours.

The Helix Bridge is fashioned to look like a huge mechanical DNA strand. It is an attraction itself.

Nearby there are other attractions that you can visit; Marina Bay Sands, The Esplanade, The Merlion, Gardens By The Bay, Marina Reservoir and many more!

7. Marina Barrage Photoshoot

Location: 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951

Outdoor Family Photography
Happy Family Photoshoot

Odd thing, this is technically a water reservoir, but as locals know, in Singapore we turn everything into a "whoa!" This place has a span of 10 000 hectares. It showcases Singapore's efforts to push for a greener country.

This place is perfect for chilling out and for simply being there. You can fly a kite, picnic with your family and if you're into water sports, kayaking and dragon boat can be done here too.  The light here is particularly gorgeous, and quite special for us since it was the witness of our very first family photography session many years ago.

View our work: Outdoor family photoshoot at Marina Barrage

8. Lorong Halus Wetlands Photoshoot

Location: Lorong Halus

Pet Photography
Pet Photography

An interesting spot for scenic photography session. Lor Halus used to be a dumping ground in the 70s to the 90s, with a twist of fate, it is now an eco wetland to functioning as an organic water treatment system and a nature park.

It can be an educational trip for the kids explaining the ecosystem and methods of a wetland. It is a serene and scenic riverside park. Another great place to take photos is on the Red Lor Halus bridge connecting Punggol to Pasir Ris.

The park is rather out of the way and the best way is to get there via car.

9. Canterbury Road Photoshoot

Location: Canterbury Road


A little road located in the Southern part of Singapore, really close to Hort Park. Travel back in time to the colonial era where there are expansive fields and no high rise buildings.

Canterbury road is a beautiful place where modern advances aren't seen too much and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are no parking lots here, so do park safely along the side of the road.

Golden hour here is amazing, a soft layer of gold light will blanket the field and it is just magical.

10. Sembawang Park Photoshoot

Location: Sembawang Rd

Sembawang Park
Sembawang Park

A lesser know park that most miss out, is our Sembawang Park. This place is perfect for your photoshoot. It is one of the few natural beaches on our sunny island. enjoy the stunning view and the sea breeze and you stroll along the beach and explore this historical park. Sembawang park is themed  based on Singapore's naval heritage as a trade hub then and now.

There is something for the kids as well! There is a huge maritime themed playground for the little ones to have fun. For elderly on wheelchair, this place is great because its accessible on wheel chair.

You'll like this little known space for your photoshoot!

Tip: Best Time To Take Photo

The best time to take photo is usually mornings around 8-11am. The lighting is great and you have an emptier park with lesser people.

Another timing is around 5 -6pm. We call this timing the "Golden hour". Best time to get beautiful photos, because of the lighting.


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