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Product videography can really showcase your product in a more engaging manner than just photos. Videos help your potential clients have a real life feel of your products and make them more likely to be interested.

Regardless of the platform — be it commercials, websites, social media or a wide-screen display in your own establishment — Bespoke will deliver flawless videographic outcomes to suit your promotion needs.

Moving images engage more senses than photographs; you can reach out to your intended audience with the additional elements of sound, time and motion. Bespoke will help you wield this superior marketing tool and spare no effort to make the presentation of your product perfect.

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What to Expect

Compelling Concept

Bespoke recognises the importance of the story behind a product: how it developed from an idea under a passionate team and underwent rounds of testing and improvement before arriving at its final state. To ensure that our videos accurately tell your story and convey your concept, we will work closely with you to craft its narrative.

Full Functionality

Bespoke takes care to communicate not just what your product does and how it works but what problems it solves, who can benefit from it and how it exceeds similar products. With our eye for detail, we can even demonstrate your product’s most subtle mechanics and aspects of its build, from the invisible hem of a handcrafted dress to the smallest pinion of a watch.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both the product and the video itself will be artfully presented and crafted, paying close attention to their details. Our talented team of videographers have masterful grasp of cinematography and editing. With impactful framing, camera movements and lighting, and skillfully arranged sequences, music and voiceovers, your product will surely make a lasting impression.

Videography for all Events

Professional Video Production Sequence

Perfect Planning Pre-production:
By the actual day of the shoot, we will be prepared with a storyboard and shot list to ensure that the shoot progresses smoothly and efficiently, and all the footage we need is captured. We will also provide all the necessary equipment, including cameras, microphones, backdrops, lighting and back-ups!

Vivid Videography Production:
Imagine tracking shots that follow your product through a home or park or city. Close-ups of your product’s faultless finish. Wide-angle or bird’s-eye views of your product commanding a space. Panning across a flat lay of your latest product line. As connoisseurs of cinematography, these are but a few of the techniques in our videography team’s arsenal.

Excellent Editing Post-production:
We make sure to colour correct all videos for consistency. In post-production, we also manage the video’s pace: slow motion to show precision and elegance and fast forward to show extended use and durability. Additionally, we use sound design to highlight important functions, like the beeping of a timer or the impenetrable sound proofing of a car. With Bespoke’s full editing package, you can rest assured that your product video will be a cut above the rest.



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