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Registry of Marriage Solemnization

ROM photography is great at the Registry of Marriage centre and the beautiful outdoor spots around the centre.

Can’t wait to say “I Do!” and sign your lives away as Husband and Wife, till death do you part? We feel your euphoria and excitement! And of course we’d love very much to photograph this milestone moment, your ROM day, with you and your beloved partner.

It is a must for all couples seeking to wed and begin their lives as Mr and Mrs. ROM Photography or Solemnisation Photography captures the silly shyness, the bundles of nerves engulfing the groom and the bride just moments before the signing of their marriage certificate, the bright delighted smiles on their families’ faces.

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Your Solemnization Photography

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Capture Your Heart Warming Moments

The highlight of the day — the moment the pens touch the paper, signalling the lifelong commitment of love and devotion to each other.

You will surely want to look back on these moments in the days and years down the road and laugh at each other’s goofiness, tease that coyness, and reminisce those fetching (or outdated?) looks and outfits.

This solemnisation photography will surely bring back sweet, dear memories of how your lifelong commitment to each other all started.

Of course, we don’t want you to go home with plain, dull, one-dimensional shots of those priceless moments. After all, it is a day that cannot be repeated! Every moment is precious.

ROM Photography Locations

Fort Canning Hill and Fort Canning Park, in the vicinity of the Singapore Registry of Marriage, are beautiful locations where we can also shoot the beautiful bride and charming groom. This can either be done before or after the time of solemnisation. It’s your day – you call the shots!

In any case, you may choose not to solemnise your marriage at the registry itself. You can in fact choose any venue you lovebirds prefer. Perhaps Mount Faber was where the romance all started? Registering your marriage at your preferred location will definitely take more than five minutes. Regardless, Bespoke Photographers will be there with you.

Tips For Your ROM Shoot

Do remember, registering your marriage in Singapore requires a three month notice so be sure to book the ROM date and our Bespoke photographers early to avoid disappointment. There are several steps to booking the date of solemnisation so do read up on the process on the website. It can really be a hassle and headache when your preferred date is taken up!

Lastly, wherever you choose to celebrate your marriage solemnisation, come ready on the actual day with a licensed solemniser (who will officiate at your wedding), and two witnesses so the marriage solemnisation can be validated.

See you at ROM Singapore, or wherever you like!

ROM Photography Packages

Enjoyable Experience Guaranteed



Usual Price: $350/hour


50* Quality photos
10 Working days fast delivery
Great variety of angles
Natural editing

*Approx number as every shoot differs



Usual Price: $350/hour


80* Quality photos
10 Working days fast delivery
Great variety of angles
Natural editing

*Approx number as every shoot differs


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ROM Photography Reviews

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Pre wedding photography

"Our photographer has a keen eye for beauty and great attention to detail. We absolutely love the shots he took of us!

He's super meticulous and sweet - many times he went out of his comfort zone, bending down low and all, just to secure that beautiful photo for us. When we felt awkward, he even made us laugh!

At the end of our shoot, his T-shirt was so soaked. We, on the other hand, were feeling cool. 100/100!"

~ Nicholas & Carolanne

Wedding Photography Singapore

"If you want photos, get a photographer: if you want memories, get our photographer. We had our photographer capture our gatecrash, wedding ceremony and banquet. Each picture tells a fond story of our special day.

Our photographer was so comfortable with us and our guests, by the end of the day, he knew our families and close friends. The results of this familiarity are photographs are naturally beautiful, not of contrived smiles and forced embraces.

Thank you, our photographer, for being a part of our memories."

~ James & Andrea

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