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Looking for a professional baby photo studio in Singapore? Shooting babies is always a delight, but after so many years of perfecting the art of newborn photography, there is still some confusion out there. We'd to enlighten parents around the Singapore area who want their babies to be portrayed in the most flattering ways.

Unlike other styles of portraiture, newborn photography is one of those that needs to be done under controlled studio situations. We at Bespoke have been investing in delicate lights and props for the most dreamy results.

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Baby photography may be difficult because of how fleeting the moments are.  But we are confident to capture these precious moments of your baby.

Being in this line for 13 years, we have developed tricks to make your baby at ease, and some times, even making them smile. There is an indescribable delight on capturing the gentle nature of a baby with our cameras.


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How To Prepare For Your Baby Shoot?

Feeding & Cleaning

Sweet little babies love eating at unpredictable hours, so be ready for feeding them during the session. Get plenty of water as well, just like any regular trip outside the house.

Trust us, this will also happen, your baby will get dirty, so bring all the stuff that you'll need for proper cleaning in order to keep your lovely baby extremely comfortable.

The more the merrier, don't hesitate on bringing almost the entire house with you, the best thing that will happen is that we don't use any of the stuff you bring, but being on the need is not a choice.


Outfits Combination

From lovely pajamas to cute little outfits, everything should be planned, and let us know about the amount of outfits you'll want.

Usually between 4 to 5 changes is a good number, but let us know so we can count on them. If you are planning on using costumes then be aware that this is closely related to the baby's age.

It isn't the same to photograph a newborn baby than working with an 8 months or even a one year old baby.


Playing An Active Role

This is highly important for you parents to know, you'll be playing a very active role during the session, you'll be helping us out. From feeding to even shaking a rattler, we will empower you many things, so take note!

Baby photography sessions give parents an extreme satisfaction, so don't be surprised if we capture a candid or two of you during the baby session.

Babies aren't able to focus well on things happening too close or too far from them. We will need you to be close enough at all times with a fluff toy or a rattle (or both), after all, you know better how to make your baby smile don't you? This is a lovely team effort, and it will result in a nice family bond reinforcement.



Newborn Photography Rates

Small top up fee of $200 for home shoots

Basic Package

  • Up to 1 hour
  • 2 premium sets
  • 2 full retouched images
  • Weekend charges apply
Most Popular

Deluxe Package

  • Up to 2 hour
  • 3 premium sets
  • 15 full retouched images (worth $800)
  • Parents & siblings included
  • Weekend charges apply

Premium Package

  • Up to 2 hour
  • Unlimited sets
  • 20 full retouched images (worth $1000)
  • 1 premium newborn photobook (worth $700)
  • All digital photos (worth $1200)
  • No weekend charges


Baby Photography Reviews

Hear From These Happy Parents

Newborn photography

"Did a newborn photoshoot with Bespoke Photograhy. The photographers were very patient and caring towards the well being and comfort of our baby girl, Therese. Highly recommended as the overall process was very enjoyable and my wife, baby and I had a great time at the studio. Thank you Bespoke Photography for taking our newborn shots "

~ Wayne, Parent of newborn Therese

Young Asian Family

"I chose the Newborn Premium Package. It's my first baby and I wanted to capture my baby boy, Isaiah. The whole photoshoot process was smooth and seeing how our photographer handled our baby so well, we were at ease. They were gentle and very experienced in handling newborns.

The photos turned out so good! I am so glad I did this newborn shoot and would strongly recommend Bespoke Photography."

~ Nicholas, Parent of newborn Isaiah


Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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