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A big congratulations on your engagement. We can imagine the number of times you must have already told your proposal story – how he popped the question when you had least expected it, or how she made you feel after she said yes, or how the entire thing was pulled off with the generous help of your friends, and perhaps even some hilarious bloopers?

A great, fulfilling life together as a couple is about to begin for the two of you. What better way to celebrate your beautiful union than with pre-wedding photography to commemorate your special love story.

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Entrust Your Big Day To Us

Do not be afraid to spend a little bit more for professional pre-wedding photography. When you entrust your big day to our dedicated team of professional wedding photographers, you can be sure of paying for what is worth the cost.

You can be assured of a smooth pre-wedding photography session for our team is always equipped with multiple cameras to deliver your pre-wedding photography without a hitch, and with elegance.

Simply leave the nitty gritty to us and enjoy your day of bliss. Our goal is to make everything so easy, you will come back to us for your beautiful maternity photography and precious newborn photography.


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Tell us your unique story
As your pre-wedding shoot happens before your exciting new life together, it is a splendid opportunity to capture your exhilaration and anticipation for the wedding, and your extraordinary dynamics as a couple − and most importantly, it is a time to relive that spark!

On top of celebrating and preserving your special memories, tell your unique love story in your special way. Perhaps you two go way back to junior college, or perhaps the two of you hit it off really well at a mutual friend’s party. Whatever it is that attracted you to each other, reliving that initial spark can evoke awww-inspiring moments.


Celebrate with style
As the pre-wedding photography scene in Singapore has evolved significantly over the recent years, we now see shoots that encapsulate a wide range of styles. No matter the style you eventually choose, Bespoke Photography Singapore is ever-ready and confident to turn your pre-wedding photography dreams into reality. You will not have to worry about a pre-wedding shoot looking like one you have seen. Bespoke Photography Singapore ensures that your pre-wedding photography will turn out as unique as it can possibly be.

You can celebrate with style! However you envision your pre-wedding photoshoot to be, Bespoke Photography Singapore has just the crew to realise your every wish and make this significant event of your life perfect. Our team will ask how you picture your wedding to be, then bring it to life.

Capture Your Important Milestone

Your pre-wedding photography is an important milestone leading up to your big day. At Bespoke Photography Singapore, we understand that every couple is unique and it is your special chemistry and story that we want to capture and celebrate.

Pre-wedding photography takes place essentially a day months before the actual wedding, when a couple comes together to commemorate their love through the fine art of photography.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Reviews

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Pre wedding photography

Nicholas & Carolanne

"Our photographer has a keen eye for beauty and great attention to detail. We absolutely love the shots he took of us!

He's super meticulous and sweet - many times he went out of his comfort zone, bending down low and all, just to secure that beautiful photo for us. When we felt awkward, he even made us laugh!

At the end of our shoot, his T-shirt was so soaked. We, on the other hand, were feeling cool. 100/100!

Wedding Photography Singapore

Joey & Sophia

"Throughout the shoot, our photographer gave creative ideas on how we could pose and took initiatives to adopt different angles.

He was able to capture all the right moments at the right angles. He was able to bring out the joy in the occasion with the photos that he took.

Even looking back at the photos now, we could vividly remember those moments as though it was yesterday. The photos clearly captured the authenticity of the moment.

In fact, we were so pleased with him and his photos that we also engaged him for our wedding!


Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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