For your corporate headshot in Singapore, wear solid colours.

Try to avoid flowery, bright prints, patterns & stripes as they draw attention away from your face and wash out your skin tone.

What to wear for corporate headshot for female


For female, we recommend well-fitted clothing.

A few options are long-sleeve shirts, blazers & dresses. Avoid low-cut tops and see through garments.

As for the choice of colours, black and grey are safe bets. Purple, blue and green works well too.

Avoid light colours that blends in with your skin colour, such as beige, yellow & brown.

What to wear for corporate headshot for male


For male, we recommend bringing along a tie & well fitted blazer.

You’re welcome to try different looks during the shoot – Long sleeve shirts only, shirt with or without blazer and tie. Make sure your shirts are properly ironed.

For the choice of colours, the top picks are black, grey and blue for blazers and white & light blue for shirts.

If you’re taking a group photo, make sure to coordinate with your team.

Pick a comfortable outfit

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If you feel comfortable in what you wear, you’re more likely to appear natural and at ease in a photo.

The shots are usually taken from waist-up (unless you specify otherwise), so you could even choose to go barefoot.

Elevate your look


Accent your outfit with a necklace, watch, ring, pocket square or cufflink; neaten up by giving your hair a trim (but don’t go for a full-on haircut in case you end up disliking it) and managing the “peach fuzz” at your hairline; and enhance your look with some tasteful make-up.

Do let us know if you’d like for us to arrange for professional make-up artists

We also advise against wearing spectacles, especially those with concave lenses or computer lens coating, as they tend to reflect studio lights. If contacts are not an option, try to wear spectacles without frames.

One Last Tip -
Consider these 3 questions

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Who am I?
Choose clothes that give a glimpse of your personality or highlight the best parts of your professional persona.

Who do I represent?
The company or industry you work for and their values should be clear at first glance. You may wish to don a uniform or subtly incorporate brand colours — or feature an object that defines what you do, like a tool, product or musical instrument!

Who do I want to reach?
Appeal to your potential clients’ “type”. Sell your creativity with a fashion-forward look (but take care that your look isn’t too distracting!) or your steadfast and reliable character with a neatly pressed suit and tie.