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Underwater Photography is an up and coming new concept where it gives off a whiff of mystic and enchanting touch which would bring a Wow reaction from the people who sees your photos. Be it picking the swimming pool or out at the sea where you can get up close and personal with sea animals, you will see the beauty in underwater visuals. It’s a whole new refreshing experience and worry not; the photo shoot will be conducted safely underwater with our trained photographers.

Underwater photography by Bespoke team is open to all themes. Be it wedding, friends, family theme, the team is ready to go underwater with you to put your story into frames. All you have to do is be comfortable, bring out your creativity, unveil your style and Bespoke team is open to different ideas and preferences of photogenic Instagram worthy poses you want to do, they are here to capture them. Bespoke photography’s photographers are enthusiastic and great to work with; they want to present your happiness through visuals.

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Professional Underwater Photographer

The photographs they captured are of high quality and it is their job to meet your expectations of attaining beautiful photos so that you can frame them up and show them off to your loved ones and  friends. Every shot that Bespoke takes is with precision, striving for technical and compositional perfection in every photograph.

With hints of stylish flair and art influenced wedding photography techniques, be ensured that Bespoke will get capture your best shots. Their stunning visuals of your moments will make your emotions come to life, to share your happiness with everyone around you. All underwater photographs captured by Bespoke will go through evaluation process, bringing you the best results.

What to Expect

With Bespoke Photography, be assured it is our utmost priority to ensure we conduct the photo shoot under proper safety precautions and provide professional service, keeping you comfortable and safe. Prior to the photo shoot, our Bespoke team will go through detailed planning with you and on the day of the photo shoot, we will prep you with safety tips such as proper breathing underwater techniques and how to pose comfortably, naturally underwater.

Photo shoots that are conducted in swimming pools will be situated in the 1.2m height area so that you can be comfortable. In addition, there will be an experienced underwater photographer assistant who would be present throughout the shoot, to assist in guiding you as well as ensuring your safety.

Bespoke Photography believes our clients deserve a first class customer experience, so we seek to ensure you have a wonderful and safe experience with us. Bespoke Photography promise to capture and deliver sublime visuals so you can cherish them forever.

Let our photographer blow you away with their beautiful photographs that tell your enchanting story. We have the proper camera and equipment. Be ready to get swept off your feet by Bespoke Photography.

Underwater Photography Reviews

Hear From Our Clients

Underwater Photography

So we received our underwater maternity photos yesterday and we couldn't believe what we are seeing! These photos I'm about to post throughout the day (on social media) are going to bring maternity shoots to a whole new level. Our photgrapher is such a talent and very professional with his work.

A picture is a memory that last forever so you better make sure you look good in them.

~ Danial Ashriq, Mediacorp Artist

Underwater Photography

Shooting underwater is one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had and I was ecstatic with the pictures that came out of it. Daunting as it may seem, it really is quite the opposite. Proper breathing techniques were taught beforehand and once I got used to it, the fun level went up several notches!

Definitely looking forward to shooting underwater again!

~ Audrey Goh, Influencer


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