How To Take Good Photos

Aspiring photographers and instagrammers who post pictures for the greater benefit of your followers, we understand that it’s frustrating when pictures do not turn out the way we want them too. Especially if there is a need to focus on certain aspects that requires that special ‘eye’ to create a visual image that no one has ever done before.

Do you know, that the height that you take your photographs from actually make a difference?

3 Easy Photography Angles

Sit Down

For those of us who face the problem of always having the same angle of the shots, sitting down immediately lowers the camera perspective and therefore provides new photo opportunities. Just by sitting down, buildings, trees, and even a small child a mere 1.3m in height, can tower over you when sat when, for an overbearing feel. This might be good when you are taking pictures of animals, or young children. It creates a more natural feel from a comfortable sitting position, as you are shooting them at their level rather than shooting down on them. Try it, you’ll be amazed at how much this position shakes things up!

Lie Down

The world is an oyster, especially when you’re lying down. Not only will you get an enlarged view of the world up above us, the ‘ant-eye image’ will give us surprisingly good photographic results. To maximise the depth of the field and to increase exposure if the sky is to be shot, use a small aperture. This position is also great for close-up shots of insects and plants, and any other small items on the ground. We can’t promise that this position won’t give you funny looks, but we do promise that you’ll get beautiful shots while lying down!

Climb Up High

So we’ve shared with you about how sitting down can shake your photographs up. Are you also aware, that when you climb up high, you will be able to get (literally), a bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery below you? Don’t believe us? Try it out! Head for the nearest building or hill (think fitness trails, chance to lose some weight) to get a stunning view of the picturesque view below you. In countries where there are misty mornings, this works especially well because the valleys are filled with fog, and only the peaks of the mountains can be seen. This gives off a very mysterious effect, as though the picture has been intentionally edited such that only the peaks are revealed.

For all you tall people, you’re in luck! The easiest way to change a view is by simply holding the camera up above you to give you a different perspective of the scene. Cameras that have been equipped with a tiltable screen enables one to shoot everything comfortably, even from very high angles. So next time you consider a phone or camera, look out for one with larger tiltable screens to enhance the selfie you know you’re going to take!

In Summary

Now that you know a few examples of what you can do, go out and snap away! Have fun and try out different angles and transitions. We'd love to see what you can come up with!

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