Outdoor and Event Photoshoot Deliverables


Here are our shoot deliverables 🙂

You'll get all the best light, naturally edited hi-res photos (no skin/facial retouching, slimming, etc) in soft copy, via a download link within 10-15 working days.

Balance payment is to be made upon shoot completion.

The number of photos depends on the day itself - the flow of events and the number of moments, so it's hard to promise a number. We promise quality photos, not so much quantity.

An estimate would be 1hr ~ 40-50 images

RAWs are not part of our deliverables as some photographers want to maintain control over the quality of their work and ensure that you see only the final, polished product. However, if you are keen on having them, we’re more than happy to provide RAW files at an additional charge of $250,  but only if the photographer is willing to share them.