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Live streaming services in Singapore are picking up in popularity due to recent times where people can't gather in large groups nor travel.

Live streaming offers unparalleled engagement with remote audiences. By eliminating the troubles of physical attendance, it allows you to amplify your influence from local to global spheres. Maximise exposure and increase your outreach with real-time feeds of your latest events, be they live addresses, ceremonies, gaming, music, or sports.

From providing multi-camera set-ups to incorporating interactive features, Bespoke will comprehensively aid in the organising, videography and editing of your virtual event with tailored streaming packages. With Bespoke, you can be assured that your live stream will be dynamic and appealing, and that your core message will be delivered.

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We Stream Every Type of Event!

- Symposia and Conferences
- Panel Discussions, Dialogues and Debates
- Competitions with Live Commentary
- Sporting Events
- Webinars and Workshops
- Weddings
- Convocations
- Award Ceremonies
- Concerts and Festivals
- Product Demos and Launches
- Corporate Videos
- And more!

Live Streaming Service includes…

Professional Guidance

You’ve probably heard of social streaming sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo; conferencing applications like Zoom; and, if you’re a gaming enthusiast, Twitch… But do you know of Periscope, Panopto or Kaltura? Or even the supporting streaming software, like Streamlabs, OBS Studio or Lightstream?

No worries if you haven’t! Our experienced team will help you discern which of these are most suited to the scale, scope and target audience of your event. We will advise on what kind of subscription and account you need, help to manage access and permissions, and ensure that the video input’s quality and aspect ratios are appropriate to your chosen platform, interface and hardware.

Profession Equipment

Be it a home recording or professional studio shoot, Bespoke will be where the action is with all the required kit, including cameras, tripods, lighting, backdrops, microphones — even power and remote internet connections for an outdoor endeavour!

The set-up and tear-down will be fully managed by our team, who will also be on hand during the event to react responsively to changes in lighting and background noise.

Responsive Video Management

Our videographers are as attuned to the details as the big picture. With our multi-camera solutions, we can toggle between several video feeds and content sources in a timely manner and find the best camera angles to showcase key moments, gestures and expressions.

Our live editors will enhance your stream with expertly mastered sound and exciting layout configurations. Graphic or video overlays can also be used to strengthen your brand identity or event concept. We can also incorporate advertisements of your products or for your sponsors.



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