What To Expect

Our corporate headshot photoshoot typically last 15-20 minutes.

We provide instant previews of the photos on a laptop and you’ll get to choose four of your favourite shots to take home.

You will get one fully edited shot & three carefully colour-corrected shots delivered to you within a week.

How to prepare for your headshot?

1. Plan What To Wear

For female, come with light make ups. Bring one to two tops/dresses/blazers to change for variety.


For male, come in with basic grooming done, cleanly shaved & hair cut/styled to look neat. Bring along a blazer/ironed shirt for variety.


We recommend solid colours. Avoid flowery or bright prints as they draw attention away from your face and wash out your skin tone. Also avoid patterns and stripes as they can appear distorted when photographed.

Shoes are not necessary as most professional headshots are half-body shots.

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2. How To Pose

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure of how to pose on the day of your shoot. We’ll guide & teach you how to pose.

If you want to practice at home beforehand, here are some tips for you.

Find your best angles in front of a mirror. Simple tricks like pulling back your shoulders and squinting your eyes slightly can drastically improve your appearance.


Teeth or no teeth, a genuine smile is the best. A smile that emerges from light-hearted conversation is oftentimes more approachable than a smile made solely for the camera. Tell yourself jokes in your head or have a friendly chat with our photographers!

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3. Get Ample Rest

Rest up the day before the shoot. The quality of your sleep affects your mood and the condition of your skin. Arrive healthy and happy to get the best results.

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Headshot Cheatsheet

With this short guide, you're well-equipped to make the most of your corporate headshot photoshoot. Stay relaxed and true to yourself, everything else will naturally fall into place.

Corporate headshot guide cheatsheet

See You At The Shoot!