What To Expect

We will teach you how to pose for your corporate portrait photography. Not to worry if this is your first time or you're feeling a little shy. Your session will be fully guided.

On top of that, you'll get instant preview of your photos on a laptop, on the actual day. We will help you find your best side.

Below are 5 best poses for corporate headshot.

5 Best Corporate Headshot Poses

1. The Standard Pose

Atlas Podiatry-12

Perfecting your pose begins with your posture: straighten your back and pull back your shoulders. Then, angle one side of your body away from and shift your face a little closer to the camera.

2. Folded Arms


The go-to pose for lawyers and corporates. Exude charisma by crossing your arms across your chest. Take care to temper this tough look with a friendly smile.

3. Lean In


Sounds counterintuitive but leaning towards the lens actually makes you look thinner! If you’re seated, this pose easily hides your tummy. By tipping your chin forward and down slightly, you can prevent a double chin from appearing as well.

4. Turn To One Side


Standing or sitting at an angle is a sure-fire way to make yourself look both slimmer and more dynamic. Position your smaller eye further in front for a more balanced look.

5. Play it up with a prop

Affinidi Portrait 68

Featuring an object, like a tool, product or musical instrument, can make your role or character discernible at a glance! Hold a notebook or pen to show your intellectual side or put on a classic watch to convey your elegance and sophistication.

Last tip for you -
Keep your smile short and sweet


The less natural your smile feels, the less natural it’ll look. Don’t feel obligated to keep holding your smile when the camera’s pointed at you; sometimes we are just taking test shots!

Just let us know when you’re ready to put a fresh smile on and they’ll catch you when you’re shining your brightest.

Thats it!

With these simple poses, we hope you will feel more at ease at your corporate photoshoot. Remember: you are most compelling when you show your true self. Stay relaxed, try different poses out and we will handle everything else!