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Freelance videographer at Bespoke Videography can cover your corporate event, product launches & company retreats. We can produce high quality videos for your branding and marketing, commercial work & social media.

We are also a video production house in Singapore for larger scale production. We have covered for  event such as Singapore Airshow, malls in Singapore, and food shoots for Sunshine bread, Subway International & Nestle.

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Bespoke’s freelance videographers never wing it. With passion and commitment, we see every job through no matter the hours invested. Simply because we care about you, and we care about videos.

Furthermore, our freelance videographers have access to premium editing software to edit the footages and an access to royalty-free music for your videos. That’s a sure guarantee to enchanting, praiseworthy video to keep a lifetime.

Freelance Event Videographer

If you are looking for a corporate event videographer in Singapore, you found one.  Over the years, we have shot for big brands like Grab, Shopee, government agencies, schools and more. If you have an event coming up, hit us up and we will guide you to get your event fully documented.

Freelance Food Photographer

Bespoke food videography in Singapore boast the technical expertise that you can rely on. We have mastered lighting techniques, especially in poorly lit environments. We have an extensive range of equipment and with proper food styling, the dish can enhance a particular mood and evoke a particular emotion.

Freelance Product Photographer

At our product videography session, we are always prepared, always anticipating different perspectives, playing with different angles, having fun with different settings and different lenses to gift you your perfect video to elevate your company brand. Product can varies from watches, jewelries to food packagings.

Video Production House

Bespoke corporate video production house can cater to larger productions with higher budget. A video production will have director, producer, lights, sounds, art direction, models and make up & wardrobe artist.

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Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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