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Fashion photography, where art meets art. Meet fashion’s evergreen sartorial bestie — your professional fashion photographers at Bespoke Photography.

Fashion photography is not as simple as showcasing your team’s carefully curated fashion ensemble. We are in the business of elevating your fabulous wardrobe, whether your clothes scream print on print, are pop art-inspired, stay true to minimalism or channel grunge rock; whether you got your eyes set on street or urban fashion photography.

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Hire a Fashion Photographer

Bespoke Photography provides you with professional fashion photographers who, on top of spotlighting your designs and flaunting the models wearing them, also keep an eye out for well-composed, magazine-approved shots.

Whether you’re planning a fashion catalogue photography, or e-commerce fashion photography, or thinking to fill your digital photography magazine with vogue photographs of your clothing brand.

Do let us know if you need us to provide you with models and make-up artists.


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Fully Guided Photoshoot

Be Experimental

Although for most shots, the rule of thirds may be the rule of thumb, Bespoke’s fashion photographers may sometimes break the chain by putting models at the centre of the frame just to give it a different perspective. Experiment a little, you know? This may be a breath of fresh air, if done beautifully, especially if the background allows for it and frames the model well.

However, that’s not all to commercial fashion photography. There is another crucial element in the art of fashion photography that can elevate your beautiful clothes: posing.



We want to avoid rigid, unnatural poses that do not give you a bang for your buck. However, we won’t lie, working with models and posing them can be a challenge! Sometimes, models may be  new and a tad stiff, but our experience with fashion photoshoots has taught us to be encouraging and positive while directing models with clear, concise and constructive instructions.

From Planning To Photoshoot

Clear Direction

Every fashion photoshoot journey begins at conceptualisation. Whether you have a clear direction for your fashion photoshoot, or would like some professional advice from us, we are all ears. At this point, we will also ask for the purpose of your photoshoot — is it for editorial purposes, for the next season's look book or for your budding e-commerce business? Then, as we listen to you and your concept — the feel, the outfits, the preferred photoshoot location(s), and most importantly, the mood board, we begin to determine the types of shots we might go for and advise.


Select A Location

Following this phase of conceptualisation, our fashion photographers do a location study. This happens when your choice location for your photoshoot is outdoors. If the fashion photoshoot is done at a studio, we will continue to study and familiarise ourselves with the mood board. Preparation is key, after all! Location study helps us to learn about the place, the well-lit spots, the possible frames and angles we could work with and shoot, etc, so that we can ascertain the right camera equipment — think type of lenses and any additional lighting equipment, if needed — to satisfactorily complement your wardrobe of clothes.


Let Us Research 

As we continue to do our homework, we may try out different types of lights, colours and lighting set-ups, and test the effect as each set-up goes. Of course, all while sticking closely to the mood board at all times! At times, as we experiment, we may find that working with dim photography lighting or one type of lighting such as in a studio may be harmonious with your designs and mood board, particularly if the aim is to accentuate a fine detail, accessory or even a makeup trend.

All this preparation allows us to work efficiently and smoothly with you and your models on the actual day of your fashion photoshoot.

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Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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Fashion Photography Reviews

Jennie Barck, Founder of The Maker Journal & Maker Bazaar

"I asked my bespoke photographer to shoot a fashion editorial for my magazine as well as use the pictures for marketing purposes. I was very pleased with working with my photographer. He has a lot of initiative and ideas regards to the art direction and worked well with the model. He is also very skilled in composition and light. I would recommend engaging bespoke photographer to my friends. It is easy to work with him and he works efficiently!"


Kovit, Fashion stylist

"I engaged Bespoke photography to do a fashion editorial shoot for iFitness magazine as well as a short fashion clip to accompanied the spread for social media. My photographer is motivated and enjoy experimental concepts and adaptable to my style requests. The works turns out really well and would definitely work with him again!"

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