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A beautiful family photoshoot is more important now than ever. These days, families get close for a brief moment, in their highly busy and rushed lives.

The best experiences we've been able to capture are the farewell ones. This happens quite often in Singapore when a member of the family leaves for a significant amount of time, and sometimes forever. How could you not preserve this in a flattering way?

What moments are worthy of being preserved in such a beautiful way? Well, there are a lot of course, but new chapters in life are the best among them. Here we have anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and even beating cancer! All the moments that pinpoint the checkpoints of your life are worthy of being photographed in a professional way, and we truly know that.

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Everything is better in photography when things get prepared prior to a session. There are some basic things that we deeply advice anyone to do before hiring a professional photographer for their family portraits.

First thing's first, the quintessential feature, looking for visual references before hiring a photographer. People are being constantly bombarded with images nowadays, and some high expectations are built before getting in front of the camera. Please let us know beforehand about the results that you want to have in your family portraits.

If you are even more adventurous, we can craft a concept together based on that references. This makes the whole session even more meaningful because you are the one building something unique with your own milestones as baseline of the story.


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We remember growing with just a handful of photographs surrounding our lives. Some of them were stored in photo albums, and some others were framed as beautiful artefacts decorating our houses. We know that times have changed and photographs are being taken constantly, and we are quite happy about it.

The thing that has woken us that the particular sense of meaning of certain milestones could fade away, and we are trying hard to preserve that human ability to spot the important moments that build the individual's memory and personal history. Taking the proper amount of time to honor those moments will make you cherish them even deeper. And the whole experience gets even deeper when those memories become a physical thing.

We consider ourselves storytellers more than just photographers. We love to tell your own stories through our cameras and lights, but in the end we are just facilitators. You are the one and only protagonists of your own stories and history.

We love to deliver carefully selected printed photographs, especially when framed or in photo books, please let us know if this is something you might be interested in having as well. If you are onboard with this way of thinking about how memories should be respected and treated, then contact us. We have been working with various families in Singapore over the years, and we are truly convinced that we aren't wrong about our vision. Family memories need to be respected, and they should be treated with care.

Family Photo Studio Package

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Seasonal Themed


Usual Price: $600


1 Themed Backdrop*
Premium Seasonal Theme Set
2 x 5R Soft copy + Print
30 Min Fully Guided Shoot
4 Weeks Fast Delivery


*Seasonal Themed Backdrops - Chinese New Year, Mother's Day, Christmas and more



Usual Price: $600


Classic Backdrop*
2 Fully Edited Digitals + Hardcopy (5R)
1 Fully Edited Digital + Hardcopy (8SR)
60 Min Fully Guided Shoot
4 Weeks Fast Delivery


*Classic Backdrops - Solid coloured backdrops such as White, Brown, Blue and more.


Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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