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1st Birthday Photoshoot

Celebrate your baby's first year with a beautiful cake smash photography! Our photo studio is baby friendly - clean, air-conditioned & colourful.

Baby photography doesn't have to stop, just after the first living days of beautiful babies. It can span until the first birthday, and today we want to talk about a precise practice that we are trying to make more and more popular here in Singapore. We are talking about cake smash sessions, which are basically a visual celebration of the first year of life in a tiny person.

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This is a celebration of life in all its glory, and the significance of the birthday cake is obvious, a new milestone has been achieved, at least in a biological way. For us cakes work better at representing this when they are bright and colorful, and trust us, it all becomes quite a mess, but we are in love with it.


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How We Got Started

Funny story though, because before a couple of years ago we weren't even aware of this joyful and highly significant practice. It was thanks to a client that requested some photos of her beloved daughter smashing a massive pink and green cake. She handed out some visual references to us, and we immediately understood that this wasn't just some random shots, it was a complete new photographic practice!

After that we've been trying make the most out of each cake smash photography session. Right now doing them in our photography studio is the best, since our largest lights aren't easy to carry around with us, and only these set of lights are able to produce the subtle veil of light that we always use in these sessions.

The main reason is because both baby and cake produce a moody scene that suits very well with soft light beams. After we have capture your baby's photo, we can also include a family photography if you'd like!

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Usual Price: $750


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Booking is EASY. Takes 1 Minute.

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